Note:  Those calling me Mama, Mum, etc. are International Ministers, who take me as their Spiritual Mother.

Idah, Nigeria Outreach March-April 2013
Ma, I want to testify of the miracles that happened when you came to my church [Supreme Faith Ministries] in Idah this past April.  One family the whole family had no job. The first night you saw a vision and spoke prophetically that God was raining down jobs and other blessings. That family went to town after church and everyone was able to get a job! Not only that but they shared with their neighbor what God had done for them and the neighbor said, “If God did that for you, He will do it for me," and they went out and got hired too! We praise GOD for this miracle. 6 people got jobs. Thank you Ma for coming to Idah.  Also,one of the parishioners is a young girl in University. She came to you for prayer one of the evening services. You prayed over her and spoke prophetically over her. Witchcraft had been unleashed against her and she had lost all ability to read, write and comprehend the written word. Her exams were coming up real soon and she was very scared she could not sit for exams. Her textbooks were all gibberish to her. After you prayed, you even gave her a ride back to the Univ.  She said she got out of the car and in Faith, went into her room and opened her books. She could read! She could understand everything. She has sat for her tests and we await the results. Thank you, Ma.  (as received by text message)                      From Pastor Christy Usman
Mama, am so excited what God is doing since you came to my church! Testimonies are rolling in. 1 woman had occultic charms under her skin and you touched her and prayed for her and the charms disappeared! Also a demon that ws in her stomach came out! Another person- aman had troubles with his leg and angle and you had a Word of knowledge and the man got healed. That happened when you preached over the phone to my church. Another major miracle your last phone call to the church, you spoke about unforgiveness and healing broke out in the sanctuary. A woman who was mute and paralyzed began to scream and could move her limbs! The whole church went crazy and people ran out of the church into the village shouting that God was in the house! Glory to God in the Highest! We love you Mama. Thank you for loving us in Idah.      
Pastor Armstrong  Joseph Ocheje Household of Eagles, Idah
November 2013
Prophet Niyi, Abuja, Nigeria 
 We the entire members of The Rock International Church in Karu, Abuja (Nigeria) deeply appreciate Rev. Nancy Elaine Minor for being our guest minister on the 24th of November 2013. We were blessed by the message, the impartation and the grace of God upon your life. 
Prophet John Koledoye
 Mama, the congregation said they felt such a strong Presence of God as you ministered the Word Sunday morning. (Nov. 24th, 2013) It was an overwhelming Presence of God as you spoke. They weree touched.
December 2013
Dec. 22, 2013
I received a distressed text message from one of my spiritual sons.  He had borrowed a sum a money to finish a project, because money that was owed to him had not yet been paid.  It was promised for a certain date.  That date came and went and now, the two people who had loaned him the money to tide him over, needed it back.  He texted me quite upset and asking for prayer.  So I called him to get the details. He was thinking maybe he could call a bunch of friends to give him small amounts to make up the lack... I counseled him not to borrow anymore. Then I prayed with him. I remember praying that he would have to do nothing, but that the money would come in that very day.  I just got this email from him: "Mum I paid that same day before noon. One of my sons in The Lord unknowingly [UNAWARE OF THE NEED] send me a seed of over 300k [local currency-about $1888. US] and that was enough for what I needed. So, I didn't borrow any money any more. It's a great testimony Mum."
[Praising God for HIS faithfulness. Before we call-He answers! Isa 65:24 And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.]