Our Dear Partner and Collaborator,
located in The Gambia, West Africa.
GAFYAL stands for:  
"Global Aid Foundation for Youth and the Less-Privileged."
Currently active in the schools of The Gambia in West Africa, Gafyal is touching the youth positively through Bible Clubs which include interactive Bible lessons, Citizenship training, games and snacks and school supplies and educational materials.
The motto and heart of Gafyal is this:
"Service to Humanity through Christ is the Best Work of Life."
Gafyal Founder and driving force is our very own Minister, Rev. Christopher C. Simeon, who has a passion to touch and raise up the next generation for Jesus Christ. He believes the youth of today are "lost Champions" just waiting to be found and restored.  Indeed, not youth only, but anyone who has yet to experience the fullness of life that only Jesus provides.   Christopher is a licensed minister with Heart n Hands.   
Currently needed:
Bibles for our school programs and funds to implement more outreach. Please visit our Donation tab to partner with us to provide Bibles, Teachers, and snacks for these kids.
    12/25/2016 SCHOOL UPDATE!
   We have purchased 207 Bibles.
 We have expanded into 12 +have 8 more schools now waiting, and thus we  now need 1000 additional Bibles for the kids and your sponsorship for more workers to go into these additional schools that have opened up to us.
Sponsorship of the Volunteer Bible Club Leaders, covers their transport to the various schools.    $85 a Month places a Bible Teacher into 2 Schools! 4 more teachers are urgently needed to meet the work load!
   $5.97 a month provides a child with food ensuring that they have at least several meals that month, when they might not get but a few otherwise!   
Thank you for your participation in this very worthy cause!
Apostle Nancy E. Minor
P.O. Box 121
Elk Mills, MD. 21920-0121 USA
See Recent pictures below
These are just some of the School supplies that you've given in 2016!  We also shipped some evangelistic materials to a new church and supplied reference materials for our teachers to use.
 School Distribution Dec. 2016.  So many lives were touched, including teachers and parents of the students! Thank you for your joyful partnership with us!  
God Bless and enrich each one of you. In Jesus Name, Amen.
Bible Classes!
First shipment of Bibles has arrived. Picture taken 6-30-2016 
Bible Distribution and School Outreach July 2016. Brothers and Sisters from Spain came on a short-term mission trip and helped Gafyal hand out the Bibles you donated.  Look at the little boy pictured in the star cutout.  He holds his Bible triumphantly over his head as if to say, "I got mine!"  Thank you for your generosity.
                          Rev. Chris